Septic Tank Pumping

Septic Tank Pumping

Septic tank pumping is required since the septic tank is such a integral part of the septic system and the solids that
accumulate need to be removed. How often the tank is pumped is determined by several things such as the level of the solids that were not digested, the volume of the tank, and the ambient temperature. One of the major contributors to more frequent pumping is the introduction of the wrong materials into the septic system. These include disposable diapers, paper towels, grease, fat, sanitary products, cigarette butts, cotton balls to name a few. The frequency can range from every few years to as seldom as ten to twenty years. In Georgia the government recommended frequency is for home owners to have the septic tank pumped every three to five years.  However there are acceptable principles in septic tank care.

The first step in the process is to engage a licensed and professional service. Armour Plumbing and Well Service has served the Athens and surrounding area since 1981 in providing this pumping.septic tank pumping 22 Sunny Hills Dr., Ste 101, Athens, GA  30601

The actual process of getting the tank is fairly straight forward. The service that you hire sends out a large truck,
colloquially referred to as a “honey wagon.” It is equipped with a tank for holding the sewage, a suction pump that provides the vacuum and a set of hoses that connects the septic tank to the truck’s tank. Obviously this requres the truck to be parked in close proximity to the septic tank.

One of the initial problems that can arises is ascertaining the exact location of the tank. Many homeowners, particularly if they are not the original owners, may not know its exact location. In this case, the operator must use various methods to locate the tank. This may involve “hunting and poking” where a rod is gently tapped into suspected sites until the tank be found. A more high tech method (and usually more costly) is to employ a plumbing snake with a radio transmitter. The snake enters one of the cleanouts and “snakes” its way to the tank where the radio transmitter then provides the exact location. septic tank pumping 22 Sunny Hills Dr., Ste 101, Athens, GA  30601

Once the tank has been located the next step is to gain access. Some tanks are fitted with a manhole cover that provides
easy access. For some, however, it is necessary to remove the entire lid in order to gain the needed access. Again, the
more difficult it is to gain access, the more costly the visit. The next step is for the operator to lower the suction hose
that is connected to the pump on the truck. The suction pump then begins the process of removing the sludge.

After completing the removal process, it is a good idea to have a thorough inspection of the septic tank. This will include inspecting the tank itself to ensure that it is still structurally sound. The inlet and outlet ports should also be examined for similar problems. Any problems can then be brought to the homeowners attention and an appropriate solution offered.

Septic Tank Cleaning

Although septic tank pumping is the most common means of cleaning the tank, other chemical based options have appeared in recent years – one of which is Bio-Safe One – to assist in septic tank cleaning. It claims to use a “huge cutting edge technological advancement.” Other treatments such as Rid-X have been around longer and purport to “help keep the bacteria population consistently high.”

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